Sliding wardrobe made of solid wood

Correctly selected furniture will make any living space more comfortable and cozy. One of the most popular interior elements is called a wardrobe. It is he who helps to put things in order in the room, to properly organize the storage of clothes and other wardrobe items. The design of the cabinet should correspond to the style in which the room is decorated. The unity of the interior and selected furniture makes the living space cozy, comfortable and harmonious.

What is a wardrobe for? What is the peculiarity of this element of the interior? Why are sliding-door wardrobes very popular today? The question of choosing a practical, reliable, stylish and modern cabinet is not difficult if you approach it thoughtfully and carefully.


Features and Benefits

A sliding wardrobe is an indispensable piece of interior for every house or apartment. In order for the furniture to serve for a long time and not to deteriorate, the best solution would be to choose a cabinet made of solid wood. Of course, a wardrobe made of natural wood cannot be called a cheap pleasure. However, this is exactly the option when it is more profitable to buy solid wood furniture, despite the high cost, than to give preference to an inexpensive option that is not highly practical and reliable..


Key advantages of a wardrobe made of solid wood:

  • Environmental friendliness and safety. Natural wood is considered a highly environmentally friendly natural material, since it does not contain any elements that are toxic and unsafe for human health..
  • Practicality, reliability, high wear resistance. Resistance to various external factors. Natural wood is characterized by high hygroscopicity, therefore, it is more resistant to moisture and less prone to decay. Solid wood furniture will retain its natural look for decades.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Wooden furniture has a beautiful natural color and a unique log pattern. When making to order or buying a finished product, the client is provided with a wide selection of textures.
  • Naturalness of natural material: smell, texture, color, etc..
  • Solidity and elegance of wood in furniture elements.
  • The ability to carry out restoration work if necessary.
  • Energy of solid wood. It is no secret that wood has its own energy, therefore, products made from natural materials are more suitable for arranging living quarters, they fill the home with special energy and atmosphere..
  • Functionality. Craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of modern wardrobes offer the attention of customers and buyers a huge assortment of interior filling.
  • Ergonomics and optimal use of free space in the room thanks to a wide range of wardrobes.
  • Variety of styles: classic, traditional, European, modern, minimalism, high-tech, neoclassic, country or rustic style and others.

Varieties of material

Natural wood is the most suitable material for making furniture. The use of modern technologies and techniques in production allows to preserve the natural qualities of wood as much as possible, which provide the finished products with durability, make them stronger, more reliable, practical and resistant to the effects of various external factors.

Wooden furniture is quite heavy and durable. Besides the original texture, natural color and stylish design, solid wood furniture has a special flavor. Over the years of production, furniture companies have skillfully identified several tree species that are considered the most optimal options for work and further operation. These are oak, beech, pine, walnut, alder, ash, cherry, acacia and others..

Today, the fashionable trend will be the use of natural veneer (wood with a thickness of the order of 0.1-1 cm), with which you can decorate the surface of the product in an original way. For example, recently, aged or whitewashed furniture has been in demand among buyers..

The tree has its own energy. Oddly enough, but scientific research has proven that some tree species have a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person. Oak charges with its strength and energy, and also has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Beech, in turn, inspires and gives inner strength to the realization of any plans, thoughts and desires. But pine is a natural antidepressant. It takes away bad moods and negative thoughts, instead, it increases the vitality of the human body and strengthens the immune system..


Color solutions

Unlike pieces of furniture that are made of chipboard and can have facades of various colors, wardrobes made of solid wood are not so rich in the choice of color schemes. The color of the furniture will depend on a number of criteria: the species and age of the tree, the longitudinal or transverse frame, the original wood grain pattern, the degree of processing, the type of shade of the protective coating layer, and others..

Dark furniture is best suited for office spaces, study rooms and common rooms in private homes and apartments. For a nursery, interior designers recommend taking a closer look at the most natural shades. Light wood is used for the manufacture of furniture, which is mainly installed in bedrooms or lounges.

The most expensive and elite will be a mahogany wardrobe, which emphasizes the exquisite taste and status of the family in society..

Types of structures

A sliding wardrobe is a constant and demanded piece of furniture in every home. Due to the high consumer interest, furniture manufacturing companies have significantly expanded their capabilities and today offer buyers a large assortment of modern wardrobes..

Sliding wardrobe and its varieties:

  1. Sliding wardrobe or wardrobe is a universal type of wardrobe, where you can traditionally place various types of clothes, from everyday to warm seasonal items.
  2. Children’s wardrobe – the name itself suggests that this piece of furniture is used in a child’s room. Characteristic features: many shelves in the lower part of the cabinet, interesting facades using sandblasted drawings or prints on children’s themes.
  3. Sliding bookcase. Despite the abundance of various mobile gadgets, there are still many book lovers in modern society who like to read ordinary books..
  4. A display cabinet is most often intended for a living room or a rest room. Here you can store all things that are somehow memorable or dear to the heart..
  5. The corner wardrobe is suitable for small apartments, as it helps to rationally use the free space in the room.
  6. Built-in wardrobes are compact and spacious at the same time. Built-in furniture in white or milky color visually expands the living space.

How to choose

When arranging your home or apartment, one of the most significant and important issues will be the choice of wardrobe. It would be perfect to purchase such a model that will combine practicality, strength, reliability, durability, stylish design, modernity or tradition in appearance, functionality, but at the same time it will organically fit into the interior of the room without taking up a lot of free space..

Criteria for choosing a wardrobe:

  • cabinet body (what kind of wood is it made of, color and texture, parameters, compliance with the location and purpose);
  • door mounting mechanism (metal frame or monorail), type of profile (aluminum or steel) and type of wheels for the chassis (completely metal, completely plastic or plastic with Teflon coating);
  • design and external decoration (completely wooden, with carvings, mirrored or satin doors, doors with a sandblasted pattern or photo printing on a mirror surface, and other models);
  • functionality and internal filling (horizontal shelves, organizers for small items, internal drawers with a lid and a lock, a bar with hangers, a special recess for a TV, etc.).

Interesting solutions in interior design

To properly organize the order of storage of things in the house, you need a wardrobe. A wardrobe can be an ideal solution. However, you always want something interesting and original, including in the arrangement of the interior. Stylists engaged in the design of residential premises offer many different options, among which they distinguish a bookcase, a display cabinet, a radius wardrobe, furniture in a rustic or country style, exquisite specimens from expensive solid wood, non-standard model shapes, and others..


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