Sliding wardrobes in the living room interior

Sliding wardrobes are the most popular types of wardrobes. And this is easy to explain. Such furniture can easily be located in any room or corridor and will harmoniously fit into the interior. A compartment is a wardrobe whose doors do not open, but slide open. He can combine a wardrobe – a place to change clothes.

Consider the types of wardrobes:

  • angular;

  • straight;

  • built-in;

  • corpus.

The size and type of furniture is determined based on the size of the room and location. The body of the sliding wardrobe is made of wood, but the sliding doors can be made of various materials – chipboard, glass, rattan, plastic, bamboo, mirror.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the living room, the wardrobe will look perfect. So that the wardrobe does not eat up a lot of space in the room and does not look bulky, you should choose a model with a mirror. It will help expand the space and replenish the occupied space. The sliding wardrobe is very convenient due to its spaciousness. Because of this, the design inside can be decorated in an unusual and extraordinary way, according to the style of the room.

It is profitable to order large models, since the main costs will be directed to sliding doors and their finishing. The role of the walls will be played by the floor and ceiling. Also, such a wardrobe will become an additional small room – a wardrobe. Ideas for models and their locations will help not only to create an unusual fashionable interior, but also to hide an unsuccessful layout or an ownerless niche in the living room..

Advantages of sliding wardrobes:

  • environmental friendliness;

  • ease of assembly and installation;

  • style variety;

  • strength.

Weak spots:

  • the sliding system will periodically have to be repaired and changed;

  • interior lighting is needed, especially for large models;

  • sliding mechanism and guides require constant care and cleaning.


We form the interior correctly

For a living room, choosing the right wardrobe is not easy. It is necessary to clearly define the place in the room, the type of cabinet, its design. The small model is perfect for a minimalist living room. It can be angled, built-in, or straight. A matte wardrobe in a chalk shade will successfully fit into a black and white living room, in which there are only a couple of armchairs, a sofa and unusual pendant lamps.

A small model is suitable for a high-tech or eco-style living room. The latter will require light colors, natural materials and more vegetation. In the color palette, the wardrobe can intersect with shelves, shelves and bedside tables; for the unity of the interior, the floor and ceiling are best done in white or light beige. For walls, dark beige or rich gray is suitable. Green details can be in the form of pillows, pots on the windowsill, paintings.

The oriental style of the living room will complement the wardrobe with Japanese motives. Doors can be stylized as interior partitions, which are used in Japanese houses. Calligraphy, cherry blossoms or a beautiful geisha – any design can be applied to furniture. At the same time, the living room can be made both in calm gray tones and in bright fiery ones..

Interesting ideas

Classics never go out of style. Likewise, the classic style can easily fit into a modern design. For a classic living room, a large mirrored cabinet is suitable for the entire wall. Place white floral designs and exotic birds on the doors. Mirrors can be framed with gold trim – the living room will turn out to be elegant and graceful.

For adherents of everything modern, new and at the same time restrained, high-tech style is suitable. An unusual design solution will be a black built-in wardrobe. Its sliding doors resemble sheets of paper covered by an unknown author or a young man in love. There is a secret hidden in such an original design, there is some kind of riddle that must be solved. In such a living room it will be pleasant to reflect on life or spend a romantic evening..

A wardrobe for a loft-style living room should be distinguished by the features of this design direction. Furniture should not clutter up the space. Loft style is the choice of creative and extraordinary personalities, so the wardrobe should be unusual. It can be an embedded structure depicting a cityscape. Black and white image will add color.

Design inside

The interior of the wardrobe is as important as the exterior design. It is necessary to think over this part competently. The distance between the shelves should be large enough so that, if necessary, books and photographs can be placed on them. For drawers, it is worth choosing good closers so that you can easily open and close. The booms can be located both at a sufficient height and below, depending on what they are for.

In the lower part of the wardrobe, there can be not only drawers, but also shoe shelves or nets. They are tilted for greater convenience. For laundry, baskets are suitable, which can be easily pulled out using a special mechanism. Air circulates well in such structures..

The living room in an apartment or house is usually quite spacious, so you can choose a roomy wardrobe with open shelves for equipment – a TV, a music system. Souvenirs from distant countries and family photos will perfectly fit here. This will make the living room more comfortable, complement the decor of the room..

A two-door or three-door wardrobe will perfectly accommodate everyday wardrobe, outerwear, home textiles, bed linen, bags and suitcases, shoes, books, magazines, accessories and cosmetics. Place the heaviest items and shoes at the bottom. The upper shelves can be used to store suitcases and things that you rarely use. The corner cabinet is especially convenient in terms of spaciousness and space occupied. It can hide layout defects.


Today manufacturers offer many options for materials, colors, shapes, styles. Doors can be matte, glossy or mirrored. The mirror can be colored, this will add an additional emphasis to the interior design. Materials can be combined: mirror and orange panels – fresh, lively and original.

Also, doors can be sandblasted. The options are very diverse: an unusual pattern, exotic flowers, trees, a seascape, geometric shapes. Such decoration will add tenderness and romanticism to the style of the living room. For lovers of something original and bright, photo printing or graphics are suitable. Fantasy will be a place to revel in.

A fabulous house with a river and a bridge over it can fit in your living room. This magical place is located in a mysterious forest and is inhabited by unusual creatures. Such a wardrobe will be a striking addition. The corresponding colors can be repeated in the elements of the ceiling, curtains, sofa.

The doors of the wardrobe can be decorated with frescoes, bamboo, rattan, laser engraving, leather, natural or artificial silt. Rattan will make the doors look textured. This model is suitable for eco-style. bamboo is also suitable for him. Such an environment will help you to feel closer to nature. Bamboo cabinets are also suitable for Japanese style.

Model with fresco

A wardrobe with a bright fresco will look very elegant, magnificent and expensive in the living room. This model is suitable for a baroque room. The doors can be painted by famous artists. So you will not only decorate the interior, but also join the beauty. The sliding wardrobe can be decorated with frescoes based on the works of the Czech painter Alfons Mucha. Here are three beautiful brooding maidens.

The fresco can go well with the mirror. This will dilute the interior and bring more light and air into the living room. The model depicting a Venetian street will add romance and spirit of travel. The unhurried rhythm of the inhabitants of this beautiful city will bring an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Will remind you of the spirit of the eternal holiday – the carnival in Venice.

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